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1) Where can we play laser tag?

We can play in some parks (call for approved parks and schedule). There may be an additional fee. We can play at your house (if you space), at your business, school, church, in a Gym, anywhere there is a large space.   Video  

2) How big of space is needed?

A space of 50' X 50' can work for small parties. The bigger the space the better. The best places have lots trees and bushs and even a building to hide behind. You do not need a square space, just room to get around.

3) What if I don't have any barricades / bunkers at my location?

Don't worry we have inflatable bunkers so we can set up almost anywhere. Examples; fields, lawns, grassy area, forest, inside a building,   video of bunkers  .

4) What is the age range?

Boys and Girls, Men and Women can play the range is about 9 years old to 80 years old.   Video of kids and adults playing  

5) How do the guns work?

The gun are designed for outdoor laser tag party's. They use infrared, just like your TV remote control this allows the guns to be used in full daylight. The players’ gun shoots an invisible and harmless beam to an opponents gun. There are realistic sound effects. The sensors light up when a player has been hit. The laser tag guns can shoot approximatily 200' in sunlight and 350' at night. The guns have different settings - a setting for team A and a setting for team B.

Video of how the laser tag guns work.

6) What do the guns look like?   Click here larger view.

laser tag guns


7) Does it hurt?

Laser Tag involves no pain, compared to other sports such as Paintball and Airsoft where pain is inflicted from flying projectiles. This sport involves no projectiles, yes you read it right. A harmless IR (Infrared) beam is used instead. This beam is as safe a remote control, try injuring yourself with a remote control; it's hard to do isn't it.

8) Are there different games?

Yes, lots of games. Our staff will select games based on the length of your party, space available, bunkers used.

9) How do the parties work?

We supply staff person who come out get things setup, explain how the equipment works and referee the games. Your job is to have fun.

10) Do you have any party favor idea's?

Yes, It fun to send everyone home with a tee shirt. You could before the party create a tee shirt in two colors representing the two teams. Then give out the tee shirts to the guests as they arrive at the party.

11) Any thing we can do to get ready for the party?

A) Players appreciate the host putting out snacks and drinks close to the play area. In the warm months water is essential, cold months hot chocolate is appreciated. Use smaller sized drinks, 8 ounce water bottles or juice packs are ideal, or cups and a water cooler. Remember to have a magic marker to mark the cups. Some hosts pre-label bottles or caps to avoid any confusion or unintentional sharing. Have a trash can or recycle bin near by.

B) Before your party please police the yard for any potential safety hazards. Pay particular attention for any sharp objects or low hanging branches. Your faithful pet may also have left a few landmines that should be cleared off the battlefield. It is in everyone’s best interest for the players to have a safe and clean experience at your party, your efforts will be greatly appreciated by everyone.

C) Have the players arrive 15 minutes before the start of the party. Collect the signed waivers and pick your two teams.

12) What about rain?

We can wait until the morning of your party to make a final decision regarding the weather. We can play in light rain.

13) How much does it cost to have a party?

Parties can start as low as $260 for 1.5 hours depending on your location. We are based in Santa Rosa, Ca. Call us for more specific pricing at (707) 578-1140 or (415) 883-5188.

14) Do you require a deposit?

Yes, $100 at the time the order is placed. We accept Master Card or Visa. Your deposit is refundable if you cancel 7 days or more before your scheduled party date.

15) Can I buy gift certificates?

Yes, we sell gift certificates. Give us a call

16) Who plays laser tag?

Outdoor laser tag is great fun for birthday parties, grad nights, company picnics, team building/training, Church groups, Religious organizations, Social clubs and Faraternities,Universities and colleges, Grad. nights, schools, carnivals, day camps, Scout Troops, Corporate events, youth groups, fundraisers, festivals, Carnivals, Fairs of all type, Bachelor parties. Anybody who wants to play Laser tag because they just want something to do with a group of friends. It great for all ages (9 +) of Boys and Girls, Men and Women.

17) What if we never played laser tag before?

Don't worry if you have never played before. It is easy to learn and lots of fun. Our staff will stay the whole time. They will have meeting with everyone and explain how the laser tag guns work, and then will get the laser guns setup for each game. Our staff explain the rules for each game as you go along. If you do have problems or questions we are right there to help you.

18) What is your delivery area?

In Sonoma County we deliver to: Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Cloverdale, Sebastopol, Windsor, Sonoma, Glen Ellen, Kenwood.

In Marin county we deliver to: Corte Madera, Greenbrae, Larkspur, Marinwood, Novato, San Rafael.

We did not list all the cities we deliver to in Sonoma and Marin County, so if you do not see your city listed, call us we still may deliver there.

19) Is Laser tag spelled correctly? I thought is was Lazer tag?

The much cooler way to spell laser is "lazer". Taken from the Brandon Lee movie "LAZER MISSION". Alternate spelling: Lazor and Lasor "Dude that was totally lazer". However you want to spell it we can play it.

20)Who owns Laser tag party?

It is a division of   Jumpin' Jacks inflatable jumps, slides and more  . We added outdoor laser tag rentals as an alternative to a bounce house party.

Sonoma County call (707) 578-1140
Marin County call (415) 883-5188

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